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There is no doubt that white teeth look fabulous!! They look clean and shiny and make your face pop. Nobody wants yellow teeth, but the sad reality is that as we get older, our teeth do tend to look more yellow.

The best solution, of course, is to head on over and see Dr Danny or Dr Josie, to whiten those beautiful teeth. Check out the details and health fund codes here. Then click the book now button.

Teeth Whitening Before & After

You can have In-Office Teeth Whitening while relaxing in our comfy chairs. It takes a little over an hour and will give you instant results. Look amazing with a brand new smile.

The second option is At-Home Teeth Whitening, we make a mould of your teeth and provide you with a custom-fitted tray and whitening gel. This is used at home, perhaps while you binge on Netflix. This takes a little longer, with a half-hour treatment every night you can expect results equivalent to those seen in our office, in about 4 weeks.

Off course if you need your teeth whitened right this instant you can always try my favourite, fastest, cheapest teeth whitening trick!! Red lipstick, check it out.

Fast Teeth Whitening

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