Dental Check Up

What do we look at and why?

The dental examination actually starts on the outside of your mouth all the way up near your ears. We check your Jaw joint, your muscles, your lymph nodes and then move on to the outside of your lips.

Time to open up!

We move inside the mouth and check the inner surfaces of your lips, your cheeks, your palate, tongue and the region below your tongue.

Why is a Dental Checkup Important?

As dentists it is one of our primary jobs to check for lumps and bumps, the teeth are only one part of what we look after. These days it is scary how often we will find something, without these checks many things can be missed, often these bumps can be cancerous. The sooner these type of things are found, the sooner they can be treated.

What parts of the teeth do dentist check?

The teeth are our next step, we check for the integrity of each tooth. This encompasses many things, shape, colour, holes, the bone level and the gum surrounding the tooth.

All these factors give important insights into the health of each tooth.

Shape: worn, broken, chipped areas can be a sign of a more serious problem, such as grinding or clenching

Colour: if teeth become discoloured, there are many possible causes, staining from tea or coffee, leaking silver coloured mercury fillings, enamel wearing thin, dead nerves

Holes: if we find holes in teeth that are soft, these can be teeth that are starting to decay, however it can also mean that you have lost a filling and need it replaced.

Bone level: It is vitaly important to check the bone level surrounding teeth, you can have very healthy teeth, but if the bone holding them in your mouth is disapering, they will wobble and fall out. The sooner we diagnose this issue the easier it is to treat.

Gums: pink gums are healthy, and we see them most often in people who regularly brush and floss. Unfortunately, dreaded gingivitis can lurk in even the most unsuspecting mouth. Healthy gums are vital for a healthy mouth.