Dental Cleaning

A dental clean is a process where we remove the plaque tartar and stains from your teeth. This is done with specialised cleaning equipment.

Do dental cleans hurt?

Here at Smiles of Ryde, there are two things ensure your dental clean is a comfortable process.

  1. You control the intensity of the clean. We have state of the art dental equipment, which unlike their predecessors, have a variable intensity for your clean; if it feels too strong, we just turn it down.
  2. You are in complete control of everything, if at any point you feel uncomfortable, want a break or your jaw is just getting tired, all you need to do is raise your hand and everything stops.

How long does a dental clean take?

A dental clean can take between 15 minutes to 45 minutes, depending on the level of stain, plaque and tartar. If you have your regular 6 monthly recommended cleaning, the process will be very smooth and you can ensure you have a clean and healthy mouth.

Does my health fund pay for a dental clean?

Most Australian Health funds will contribute towards two cleans a year, the amount they give back will vary depending on your level of cover. Some health funds will cover up to 4 cleans a year.

What are the dental clean health fund item codes?

114 – Teeth Cleaning (most commonly used code)

115 – Followup clean

222 – Deep cleaning (most commonly used for patients with periodontitis)

How much does a dental clean cost?