Teeth Whitening Treatment

Teeth Whitening Before & After

Are your teeth yellow and stained, are you embarrassed to smile? Would you like a white Hollywood Smile? For the best teeth whitening in West Ryde Call Now on 98742154 or book immediately online. Onsite parking is available; we are conveniently located at 913 Victoria Rd West Ryde 2114, for direction, click here, for anything else, contact us.

Teeth whitening is the process where we change the colour of your teeth from yellow to white. Whitening will dramatically improve your smile and your confidence. 
At Smiles of Ryde, we provide two whitening options. You can brighten your smile at our dental surgery or in the comfort of your home. If you choose your whitening at the dental surgery, we also provide you with a complimentary take-home whitening kit, so you have the ability to touch-up your bright smile for all your special occasions.

What are the teeth whitening treatment process and steps?

Laser Whitening

  1. Step 1

We thoroughly clean your teeth to ensure there are no barriers to your whitening results.

  1. Step 2 

We prepare your teeth and mouth by protecting your lips, gums and tongue. We provide you with a block to bite on, so you don’t become overly tired while holding your mouth open. We ensure you are comfortable and thoroughly protected.

  1. Step 3

We start the whitening process, which involves the application of Gel onto the teeth and a bright light directed over your mouth.

How much does your teeth whitening treatment cost?

  • In-Office Teeth Whitening Package
    • Time – 45 to 90 minutes
    • Teeth Whitening Cost – $980
    • Health Fund Code – 118 x 24, 2 x 071, 927, 2 x 119
    • BONUS INCLUSION: Free At-Home Teeth Whitening Kit Valued at $450
In-Office Teeth Whitening
  • At-Home Teeth Whitening Package
    • Time – 30 minutes /day or as desired after In-Office Teeth Whitening
    • Teeth Whitening Cost – $450
    • Health Fund Code – 2 x 071, 927, 2 x 119
Example of At-Home Teeth Whitening
At-Home Teeth Whitening

What are the payment options?

We have HICAPS facilities that allow you to claim immediately from your health fund and take all major credit cards. We provide Afterpay as well as more extensive payment plan options to suit your needs.  For more information on payment options contact us.

Why choose us?

At Smiles of Ryde dental surgery, we use the very best tried and tested techniques to ensure your teeth get the optimum whitening result.  We have extensive training in cosmetic teeth whitening and use the very best quality products to give you the whitest winning smile. We have been whitening the teeth of West Ryde, Eastwood, Epping, Meadowbank and all of Sydney for many years with gleaming results.

Frequently Asked questions

How many times can I get my teeth whitened?

Smiles of Ryde teeth whitening can dramatically improve your smile. After your first full treatment, your smile will look amazing! You should boost your smile with your complimentary take-home whitening kit once every two months or whenever that special occasion arises.

Is it bad to have your teeth whitened?

Smiles of Ryde teeth whitening treatments are fantastic; they offer a fast and immediately beautiful solution to dark, discoloured teeth.

Is Teeth Whitening Safe?

Smiles of Ryde teeth whitening treatments are completely safe. We assess every patient’s teeth and health before proceeding with treatment.

Are There Any Potential Side Effects?

Smiles of Ryde teeth whitening treatments have very few side effects. We minimise any sensitivity which patients might have by providing complimentary sensitive toothpaste treatments. 

Should you brush your teeth before or after whitening?

Smiles of Ryde teeth whitening treatments include a complimentary professional clean immediately before treatment starts.  After your treatment, we recommended using the sensitive toothpaste we provide. Your regular, twice-daily teeth cleaning regime should continue.

How do I prepare my teeth for whitening?

Smiles of Ryde teeth whitening treatments work best if you have used sensitive toothpaste for a week preceding your treatment. We will provide this to you at no charge. We have the safest and most effective teeth whitening in Sydney.

How long does teeth whitening last?

Smiles of Ryde teeth whitening treatments alone can last between 6 months and two years. We provide a complimentary take-home kit, which will allow you to keep your white smile even longer. Extra whitening Gels are available from our surgery.

What can I eat after teeth whitening?

Smiles of Ryde teeth whitening treatments are a comfortable process, and you can eat straight after. We recommend avoiding anything too hot or cold. Please use a straw when drinking and stay away from any foods that are likely to stain your teeth for at least 72 hours.

How long does it take teeth to rehydrate after whitening?

Smiles of Ryde teeth whitening treatments are gentle and comfortable. Some patients can experience dehydration after the procedure; this can last between 24hrs and three days. The best way to rehydrate teeth is to stay hydrated yourself and ensure your mouth is not dry. Your saliva will rehydrate your teeth, so avoid vigorous exercise or smoking and make sure to drink at least eight glasses of water a day.

How can I whiten my teeth overnight?

Smiles of Ryde in-office teeth whitening treatments come with a complimentary take-home teeth whitening kit valued at $450. This teeth whitening solution can be used, while watching TV, relaxing with a book or overnight while you sleep.

Can all teeth be whitened?

Smiles of Ryde teeth whitening treatments work for everyone. If you have yellow teeth, you are sure to get a fabulous result.

If you have discolouration due to Tetracycline use or root canal treatment, it is best to discuss your options with our dentists. 

For the best in Ryde Dental Care Call now on 98742154 or book immediately online.

What’s The Difference Between Your Professional In-Office Whitening Treatment And Over-The-Counter Solutions?

Smiles of Ryde teeth whitening treatments are professional. Teeth whitening is a medical procedure performed by our trained Dentists. We understand the science behind the treatments and ensure your safety at all times.

We perform a thorough examination before your teeth whitening to ensure you are a candidate for whitening and do not have any cavities or problematic areas,  which can cause problems. We provide you with complimentary solutions to minimise sensitivity as part of your treatment.

Smiles of Ryde Professional Teeth Whitening Gels come from reputable Australian companies. The Gels have TGA approval in Australia for medical use on patients. Our treatments are of the highest quality and standard in Australia.

If you purchase over-the-counter or online whitening, you run the risk of not only poisoning yourself but also wasting money as the products are of such low quality and concentration that the whitening rarely works. Don’t take the risk with cheap teeth whitening.

For the best professional whitening solutions in Ryde Call Smiles of Ryde now on 98742154 or book immediately online. For any questions contact us here.