3 Incredible Mental Health Benefits of a Smile Makeover

3 Incredible Mental Health Benefits of a Smile Makeover

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When we smile, we share a little part of ourselves with the world. For some of us, sharing a smile can be an incredibly daunting and stressful action. Many people underestimate the importance of smiling and how a Smile Makeover can transform not only their appearance but also their mental and emotional state. So, what are the mental health benefits of a Smile Makeover? Let’s find out…

The power of a smile

Smiling has an extraordinary effect on mental health. While smiling, the brain releases endorphins, serotonin, and dopamine. These are natural mood enhancers that promote feelings of happiness and reduce stress. Studies have shown that even a forced smile can lead to a positive mood change.

The negative effects of not smiling

People who suppress their smiles and laughter will often find themselves struggling with feelings of isolation and decreased self-worth. A reluctance to smile can create a negative feedback loop, where the lack of smiling heavily contributes to further anxiety and sadness. It’s a very cruel cycle that can affect many aspects of life, including social interactions and career opportunities.

What is a Smile Makeover?

A Smile Makeover is a highly customised cosmetic dental plan. It is designed to improve the appearance and functionality of a smile with treatments and procedures like implants, bridges, crowns, veneers and teeth whitening, depending on the patient’s ideal smile outcome. Because each person’s dental needs and aesthetic desires are unique, a Smile Makeover is tailored to fit individual requirements, ensuring optimal results. The process starts with a thorough consultation with a dental professional (like our wonderful Dr Danny) who will consult with you, following a tried and tested checklist of steps to create your very own personalised treatment plan.

Top 3 mental health benefits of a Smile Makeover

1. Boost confidence and self-esteem

A beautiful smile can seriously improve the way you feel and think about yourself. When you are proud of your smile, you are more likely to go out and interact with people, giving you opportunities to boost your self-esteem and gain more confidence in yourself.

2. Reduce social anxiety

If you feel as though you’re hiding your smile at each social interaction, it’s likely that you’re unable to fully enjoy the moment and connect with the people you care about. Knowing that you’re smile looks warm and welcoming can make you feel more at ease during conversations.

3. Better relationships (personal and professional)

Smiling is a universal sign of friendliness and approachability. When you are perceived as friendly and approachable, it can be much easier to form and maintain relationships whether they be personal relationships or career-related relationships.

So, as you can see there are many mental health benefits of a Smile Makeover. If you feel as though you’re hiding your smile and it’s affecting your mental health negatively, consider reaching out to our practice today for a Smile Makeover consultation. We would love the opportunity to help transform your smile and, in turn, improve your overall health and mental wellbeing.

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